The Beginner’s Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

In college, my roommate had her mattress mailed to our apartment—which sounded weird, because how was that going to fit in a mail truck—and it showed up in a box. A full-size mattress was folded up and squeezed into a box and dropped off on our porch. Direct-to-consumer businesses are changing the game. For instance, if you were only able to buy a mattress at Sleepy’s or Mattress Giant before, going direct-to-consumer means that you can now pick out your perfect mattress directly from the manufacturer…and it will show up on your porch in box.

6 Simple Steps to Make Engaging YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

If you’re reading this, you don’t need to be convinced that video content gets stellar engagement. As streaming services keep pumping out original content almost constantly, consumers keep cutting the cord—and YouTube has become more popular than any broadcast TV network. People would rather watch content on YouTube than on cable TV. That’s pretty crazy—and great news for brands, especially if you’re already advertising on Google. This is the perfect spot to get in front of the right people.

What Are Those Sneaky Cable Fees?

We’ve all been subjected to the bundling and promotional sticker prices of cable, only to be surprised by your bill at the end of the month. And maybe you called to complain, because what does the sticker price include when you’re paying double what you thought you would?? Some of those cable fees can be pretty difficult to decipher. So we figured it out for you. Turns out, it still doesn’t make sense. Here are the most common fees tacked onto a cable internet bill.

Beginner’s Guide to Cutting the Cable Cord

So, you’ve decided to step into the future, fly free and cut the cord. We’re so excited for you! Your life is about to level-up. Luckily, video streaming options keep growing. This is where we can help. Our Cord Cutter’s Guide will help you figure out exactly which devices and services you need for what you want to watch now. And we know you’ll never yearn for the days of cable-past.

Cord Cutting on the Rise: 9 Stats and Trends

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu aren’t the only place to get your content — digital media consumption is growing across a variety of categories. (Spoiler: Netflix’s original content game is probably only going to get stronger in the coming years.) From news sources to user-generated content like Instagram, consumers have more streaming options than ever and that’s driving more people to cut the cord. Let’s look at some streaming vs. cable statistics and what those trends mean for you.

The Complete LinkedIn Advertising Cheatsheet

We’ve heard a lot of moaning and complaining about LinkedIn advertising not working. We’ll admit it: unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is not for every business. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful. There are tons of B2B marketers out there leveraging LinkedIn advertising to spread brand awareness and drive lead generation. This is the largest stage for business-minded social interactions. If you are targeting c-suite professionals, providing educational material to marketers, or just spreading brand awareness, LinkedIn advertising is the solution for you.

Why is My Upload Speed So Slow?!!

If it seems like your computer downloads music and photos in a snap, but tends to lag when it comes to uploading Instagram videos, sending large files or even making a Google search, there could be a very simple explanation. Put simply: your internet service provider could be jerking you around. Many internet service providers (ISP) offer much faster download speeds than upload speeds. This means that you likely receive data to your devices way faster than you can send it--sometimes the difference is as great as 40:1.